Inogen One G5: The Latest Revolution in Oxygen Therapy

Inogen One G5: The Latest Revolution in Oxygen Therapy

The Inogen One G5 Unveiled

Meet the Inogen One G5, a significant advancement in oxygen therapy technology. This portable oxygen concentrator offers a unique balance of weight and performance, emerging as a game-changer in the industry.

Superior Oxygen Output Per Pound

Standing apart in the US homecare market, the Inogen One G5 offers unmatched oxygen output per pound, catering to a diverse range of oxygen therapy patient needs.

Intelligent Delivery Technology®: A Step Ahead

The Inogen One G5 comes equipped with Intelligent Delivery Technology®, enabling it to produce 1,260 ml of oxygen. This key feature targets the clinical needs of 95% of patients considering long-term oxygen therapy.

User-friendly Design for Enhanced Comfort

The Inogen One G5 is more than a concentrator; it’s a complete patient-centric package. With a long battery life, compatibility with Inogen Connect, a large LCD screen, and quiet operation, it is tailored for patient comfort. Discover more on our Product Page.

Inogen’s Commitment to Innovation

At Inogen, we are driven by the mission to innovate and develop patient-preferred oxygen technology. As stated by our CEO, Scott Wilkinson, the Inogen One G5 represents this spirit of innovation, meeting the needs of both end-users and homecare providers.

What’s Next for the Inogen One G5?

Currently available for direct-to-consumer sales within the US, we plan to expand the Inogen One G5’s reach. A phased rollout to additional sales channels, both domestically and globally, is planned as necessary approvals are obtained. Keep up with our progress on our .

In Conclusion

With the Inogen One G5, our commitment to patient-focused healthcare takes a leap forward. It promises a better, healthier life for oxygen therapy patients, marking just the beginning of our journey Blog.

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