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Welcome to Health Outlet Store – your trusted California-based provider of oxygen concentrators and accessories. Founded in 2012, we’re here to serve your respiratory care needs with quality, commitment, and compassion.

Our mission is to empower you with reliable oxygen therapy solutions, making your health and mobility our utmost priority. Our range includes advanced portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, as well as essential accessories.

We partner with leading global manufacturers to offer you innovative, efficient, and user-friendly products. From individuals seeking better daily mobility to healthcare professionals needing robust solutions, we cater to a diverse set of needs and budgets.

At Health Outlet Store, we value your time and aim to make your shopping experience as straightforward and speedy as possible. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with product queries and selection.

Education is a key component of our approach. We strive to provide you with comprehensive information about oxygen therapy, latest product updates, and tips to maximize your device performance.

Thanks for choosing Health Outlet Store. We’re honored to be part of your health journey, delivering not just products, but a promise of a better, healthier life.

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Best service for our customers

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We offer genuine Inogen Oxygen Concentrators and accessories. By choosing us, you're ensuring access to industry-leading oxygen therapy solutions.

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You can always call, chat or email us, and we will answer you immediately, because we value our relationships with customers.

Fast Delivery and Best Prices

We offer the fastest 3-5 days delivery. We ensure your health essentials reach you when you need them the most. Our pricing structure guarantees that you gain access to top-quality health products without straining your budget.

Our Promise

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping across the USA, with 3-5 days delivery.

Money Back Guarantee

Shop confidently with 30-day money back guarantee.

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Our prices ensure savings because we always compare and adjust them.

What Our Clients Say

I didn't want to leave my house with those big green tanks, and I knew those wouldn't be practical for me to return to work with. The Inogen One G5 has totally changed that aspect for me! It's not quite as quiet as I was led to believe, but that's of no consequence to me, as we learned to keep noise on at all times. Also HealthOutletStore is a GREAT place to buy anything you need to keep yourself breathing! They're fast, efficient, incredibly kind....and I NEVER get warm 'n fuzzy about medical supplies, so you can take this one to the bank!

Tracie M.

I only had it a few days. I used it one day so far and all is well with the G5. I choose that one because of the longer hours it has. I was tired of feeling like a prisoner in my home. I wasn't able to be out more than 2 hours without carrying extra tanks with me. Now I can do more things with the G5. The machine is also very light and makes the life easier. Plus, as for the price, I did my homework and let me tell you, the Health Outlet Store offered the best deal I could find. Overall, great experience!


Using oxygen at night initially had me uneasy, but the Inogen At Home simplified things. It's compact and quieter than my rented unit. With the machine in my walk-in closet and a hose under the door, noise is practically unnoticed. A year in, zero issues, and cartridges still going strong. Kudos also to HealthOutlet Store. Reliable service and smooth purchasing process. They've earned my hearty recommendation.

Gil John